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Grant/Bike Rack

  • All grants have been approved.
  • Money will show-up in January. Needs to be spent by the end of May.
  • Now that we have been approved, we can spend money (from our coffers) and use the grant money for reimbursement.
  • Total cost is $2400.00. Grant is for 50% of cost (with a cap of $3000).
  • Question: How much lead time does our local manufacturer need?
    • Answer: He can probably construct it in a week.

100 Elliot Lakers Who Care

  • Question: Can we configure Interac deposits to direct deposit?
    • Answer: Yes.
  • Banking switch over has been finalized apart from transfer of the funds.
    • Still waiting for few logistical items to complete.
  • We still need to “nail down” how, exactly, people will deposit funds
    • We can use our square account.

Program: World Polio Day

  • Film on Rotary’s efforts in the eradication of Polio.

Highway Clean-up

  • Postponed until spring.

Happy Thoughts

Kim: Congrats to Chris and Dave for their work on the golf tournament.
Gil: Thanksgiving dinner of BBQ steak.
Jenna: Sister and her boyfriend purchased house in Ottawa.
Shawn: Zoomed Thanksgiving dinner.
Chris: Erected a new portable garage.
Wayne: Closing of the golf season.
Brenda: Successful operation on Thursday.
Gord: No resulting illnesses from me cooking Thanksgiving dinner for family.
Bill: Emlyn finished in the top five for contest. re: New business venture.
John: Two kids returned from University. Only weeks left of radiation/driving to Sudbury.
Next Meeting: October 27, 2020
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