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Good-Bye François

  • Gift and cards presented to François.
  • Flying out of Sudbury Tuesday at 10 AM.

Bicycle Racks

  • Grant application for $2400.00 has been submitted.
Director’s Meetings
  • Will take place every second Tuesday.
  • First meeting will take place July 7th at 19:00.
  • These are not regular Rotary club meetings.
  • A few of our finances are still up in the air.
Elliot Lake Food Bank
  • The food bank was recently broken into.
  • They are seeking donations to affect repairs.
  • Lottery Funds can support the food bank.
  • They need a refurbished computer and modem. ($400)
  • Douglas: Move that we provide $400 from lottery to the food bank.
    • Seconded by Jenna
    • Shawn makes a friendly amendment: we increase the donation to $500.
    • $500 would get them out of the woods.
  • Passed.
Canada Day Parade
  • David is at home decorating his truck for the parade.
  • We are still not sure of the route.
  1. Heather and Scott.
  2. Michelle and Gil.
  1. Kim.
Rotary Student Bursary
  • Aiden Freitag, our Rotary bursary recipient, will not be attending school due to Covid-19 situation. He is intending on deferring for one year.
  • We will be discussing the situation at the board meeting on Tuesday and will get back to Aiden with a decision.
We will meet as a club on June 14th and 21st.
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Rotarians: Chris Wade, Bob Ferguson, Brenda McNaughton, Shawn Heard, Douglas Elliot, Gilbert Contant, Kimberly Arnold, Wayne Arnold, John Tyler, Jenna Dickson.
Guests: François Criquelière (Exchange student), Heather and Scott Negrych (Rotary Club of Peterborough).
Presiding: Bill Goulding.
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