cto. 18:40

Golf Tournament

  • Very successful event.
  • 27 teams (one team pulled out).
  • Thanks to all that helped with the event.
  • Lots of sponsors.
  • Good meal.
  • Had a lot of volunteers.
  • Still awaiting word on the final figures ($).
  • Just need to do the shirts now.
    • Shirt colour still needs to be chosen.
  • Weather was wonderful.
  • Some of the draw prizes need to be distributed.
  • Sponsorship was noticeably higher.
  • Bill is creating a Thank-you sheet to all sponsors.
  • One of the donations was a free advertisement in the North Shore Daily.
  • We made the front page of the Elliot Lake Standard.
    • Picture and story inside.
  • Need a list of recommendations for next years tournament.
    • Eg. provide a list of signs already on hand to those seeking sponsors.
  • My Algoma Manitoulin had an article on their website.
  • Need to talk up the fact that the community has been so generous.
    • We want to keep sponsors coming back.
  • What is next years calendar date for the tournament.
    • Not uncommon for business people to be planning this far in advance.
    • Golf course sets the date for tournament(s) shortly following opening in the spring.
  • Should send out personal thank-you notes to sponsors.
  • Many businesses set advertising budget in April or May.
  • Include a “See you next September” in thank you?
  • Note: We are competing with other tournaments for the course and sponsors.

Other Fundraising Ideas

  • For World Polio Day?
  • Can be a simple awareness campaign.
  • We have an entertainer in the club.
    • Pass the hat night with proceeds going to Polio campaign.
    • Include a speech recording on the state of polio in the world.
    • Special guest speaker.
    • Held at Heritage Hall with caterer.
      • A sit-down meal would allow us to increase ticket price; therefore, increased revenue.
  • Another tag day?
Break for meal. Catered.

Chief Brent Bisaillion

  • Chief Bisaillion spoke to the club on the history of indigenous/non-indigenous relations in the area and in Canada in general, and how reconciliation through shared economic development could take place. This could take place through the idea of an urban reserve on the traditional lands of the Serpent River people in the areas around the city proper.
adj. 21:01
Guests: Chief Brent Bisaillion, Steve Meawasige, Faye Steel.
Rotarians: Chris Wade, Jane Carlsson-Mann, Gord McNaughton, John Tyler, Brian Bigelow, Wayne Arnold, Jenna Dickson, Douglas Elliot.
Presiding: Brenda McNaughton.
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