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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

  • This event will take place this year but will be held virtually.
  • Cost is $75.00 per participant.
  • Question: Does club want to participate in this event?
  • There may be students who participate internationally.
  • Perhaps approach Lindsay D’Amato?
  • We have budgeted $1000.00 for Adventure program(s?) that would apply to this; therefore we have pre-approved. (No motion required.)
  • Suggest we send one male and one female participant.
  • Inform Jenna to try and find two students (one male, one female) to attend RYLA event.

District Fundraising Idea Program

  • District 7010 is undertaking a project to create a repository of fundraising ideas that can be shared amongst its member clubs.
  • Participation is optional and would require us to complete a short survey along with electing a contact person from our club.
    • The survey was completed, and Kim volunteered to be contact person.


  • We have been contacted by Rick asking if we are intending to participate in Bingo during April, May, and June.
  • Last time we discussed this matter, our decision was ‘we wouldn’t participate until at least the fall’. We will reiterate this position to Bingo organizers.

Vaccine Buttons

  • Last meeting, discussion took place regarding how our club can assist in the fight against vaccine hesitancy (COVID 19). Suggestion of buttons came up.
  • Gord “mocked up” an example button from a company in Ottawa. Mock-up included: slogan, Rotary symbol and “Rotary Club of Elliot Lake”.
  • This will be good for our own public awareness as well.
  • Question regarding how would we safely distribute buttons?
    • Perhaps left at grocery stores?
  • Suggestion: We could combine this with a Facebook profile badge?
  • Club approves a $250 limit.
  • Gord will gather slogan suggestions from the club, and present to the club for next meeting.

Happy Dollars

Gord: During this meeting received call to schedule my first COVID vaccination.
Gil: Listened to a fellow Rotarian on the radio.
Wayne: Callum’s brief board game success.
John: David was awarded a position as a research assistant, working from home.
Kim: Can see the end of the pandemic on the horizon.
Next meeting will be on March 16th. We will be hearing a speaker on the topic of Health and Wellness.
April 13th, District Governor Lynne Chant will be joining us.
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Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Shawn Heard, Gil Contant, Brian Bigelow, Kim Arnold, John Tyler, Chris Wade, Wayne Arnold.
Presiding: Brenda McNaughton.
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