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Land Acknowledgement
Oh Canada
Gil: Departing words as club president.
Brenda: Spoke about the upcoming year.

Golf Tournament

  • We have a list of businesses to visit looking for sponsors
  • Our list has frown substantially since we last updated it. Now at over 220 businesses.
  • We should get going on this soon due to the number of businesses that need to be visited and the logistics involved in obtaining sponsorship signs for any new businesses that we gain.
  • The list of businesses with be distributed to club members. Members can then respond as to which specific businesses they wish to visit themselves (they have perhaps developed a relationship with the business owner).
  • If required, we can do two runs of posters if corporate sponsors change leading up to the tournament.
  • Due to supply chain issues (because of the pandemic), we should start organizing the golf shirts before the end of July.

New Business

  • A new federal holiday has been announced by the federal government. Truth and Reconciliation Day.
  • Perhaps we should have an Indigenous themed program on our meeting close to this day.
  • Should our golf shirts be orange this year?
  • Shawn and Douglas will be working together to come up with a possible program for this.
  • The club has been approached regarding two Indigenous themed projects that we could participate in; however, finances are an issue.:
    1. Indigenous & Non-Indigenous camp in the Kawarthas
    2. Water Keeper Project.
Happy Dollars
  1. Happy for our newly announced Indigenous GG.
  2. Continuing good news regarding COVID-19.
  3. Honorary Doctor of Laws degree.
  1. New GG.
  2. My family are all now double vaxxed.
  3. New roof.
  • Thanks to Shawn for the introduction and Brenda for the welcoming package.
  1. Thanks to Gil for his year of leadership.
  2. Congratulations to Brenda for becoming Club President.
  3. Congratulations to Jane as our newest member.
  1. Welcome to the club (Jane).
  2. Looking forward to having Brenda’s leadership.
  3. Congratulations to Douglas.
  4. Does Chris have special citizenship to be able to get into New Brunswick?
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Rotarians: Chris Wade, Shawn Heard, Bill Goulding, Douglas Elliot, Gord McNaughton.
Presiding: Gil Contant, Brenda McNaughton.
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