Community Needs Assessment Committee Results

  • Three areas of need were discovered:
    1. Darla Hennessy from the Elliot Lake Museum reports that due to the Coronavirus, they have lost their funding needed to catalogue the pieces in their collection that have been removed from the collapsed building.
    2. iPads for palliative patients at the hospital. The hospital already possesses several of these devices but currently are unable to use them due to infrastructure issues.
    3. Parks and Recreation Committee (City of Elliot Lake) report that there is a need for bicycle racks in key positions around the community. If we could purchase bike racks, the city would advise on the placement of the racks.
  • The iPad issue is a complicated one that we cannot solve. The other two are things that we would be able to work on.
  • Food bank. Indirectly have received word that they are sufficiently stocked at present.
  • We should confirm this by direct contact with the food bank to assess their needs (if any).
  • We are unable to make financial donations (to access grant), we must purchase something.
  • Purchasing long shelf life items such as paper products or feminine hygiene products is an avenue that we should explore with the food bank.
  • The hand sanitizer idea from last week is still a good idea.
    • This deserves to be further investigated.
  • The city is developing a plan (possibly 2 weeks away) for business developing a plan for business recovery. We may be able to play a role there and double up with some branding for us as well.

Adventures in Citizenship

  • The Rotary Club of Ottawa has asked that fees we paid for the Adventures in Citizenship (cancelled due to the pandemic) be donated to them since this was their major fundraiser for the year.
    • A portion of the fees we paid are non-refundable. They are asking for a donation of the refundable portion.
  • These monies were raised with the intent of helping persons in our area, as such it is appropriate that we request the refund owing us and use it appropriately.

Hall Rental

  • Had a discussion with the managers of the Masonic Lodge. They understand our position and have no expectation for us to pay rent to the end of the year.
  • They are open to allowing us to continue to store our locker/supplies at the hall but would be seeking some sort of fee.
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Rotarians: Gil Contant, Gord McNaughton, Brenda McNaughton, Wayne Arnold, Kim Arnold, Chris Wade, Shawn Heard, Jenna Dickson, Douglas Elliot, John Tyler, Dave Snider.
Presiding: Bill Goulding.
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