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Toasts to the Queen, Canada, President of Montenegro.


  • Assuming there are no public health restrictions preventing it from going ahead, the next Bingo is scheduled for March 18th. The date was mis-reported at the last meeting/bulletin.
  • Volunteers should start to arrive for preparation at 4:30 at the latest.

Strategic Planning

  • Still attempting to find a suitable date to hold the session.
  • Perhaps table this until the new exec. takes over and there are fewer public health restrictions?
  • Alternately, we could find a date in June so to have the alternative of hosting this outdoors somewhere. (Someone‚Äôs backyard?) In this way, restrictions on outdoor gatherings are likely to be less constrictive.

Jennifer Jones Visit

  • Closest locations are scheduled to be, Toronto and Mississauga.
  • The organizing committee are looking for volunteers to assist with this event.

Rotary Moment

  • Rotary Club of Sarnia Bluewaterland received a grant for a safe drinking water project.
  • They are still looking for another $6000 to complete their project.

In Person Meetings

  • Are we going to return to in-person?
  • We need to have a minimum of 12 persons attending due to the minimums set by the caterer.  
  • The next scheduled meeting is March 1st.
  • Meals will have to be paid for in advance.
  • Public health measures will need to be followed. Maximum amount of attendees/proof of vaccinations etc.
  • Will send out an email soliciting the club.

Happy Dollars

Jenna: Returned from Vancouver and Whistler.
Douglas: Interviewed by Toronto Star.
John Q.: Curling in Scotland April.
Kim: Released a new song.
Next meeting: February 15th.
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Guest: John Quackenbush
Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Shawn Heard, Chris Wade, Kim Arnold, Wayne Arnold, Jane Carlsson-Mann, Douglas Elliot, John Tyler, Jenna Dickson.
Presiding: Brenda McNaughton.
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