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Meal from Toppers Pizza

Ice-Out Fundraiser

  • Absolute confirmation from the city that we can or cannot run this event is still pending.
  • One concern that has been expressed is the barrel being a hazard to the passing snowmobiles.
    • Last time we ran the event we had reflectors on the barrel, fencing, and signs.
  • Fire Services are unable to retrieve the barrel.
    • Is this something that North Shore Search and Rescue would be able to do for us?
  • Question: Will our current insurance (via district) cover us for this project?
  • Question: Perhaps we should create a business plan for the project?
  • The city would prefer that we place the barrel after the fishing derby.
  • Concern that we are to late to be doing this project this late in the season. Perhaps we should work on this with the intent of holding the event next winter (2020/2021).
  • Question: Should we do some other fundraiser in conjunction with the fish derby (eg. Sell hamburgers/sausages)?
  • Question: Should we hold the Ice-Out fundraiser with the Blind River club?

Head Start in Business Summer Camp

  • Potential presentation on this program to the club by Bill/Shawn.
  • Possible sponsorship opportunity with the program.


  • Currently have any programs (guest speakers).
  • If any Rotarians have any ideas for programming/guest speakers forward your ideas to Bill.
  • Bill will be circulating a list of dates available for speakers.


  • Our next Bingo is January 17th.
  • We need two more people to work the event with Jenna.

Club Assembly

  • Our next club assembly is scheduled for January 21st.
  • Committee members should be prepared to give a short update to the club.
    • Membership
    • Marketing
    • Finance

Golf Shirts

  • Still have three teams left to deliver golf shirts to. (Having some difficulty making contact with the members).

Adventures in Citizenship

  • Our application has been accepted.
  • We need to find a way to determine we will select, among our current candidates, to send.
  • Determined that we will have the candidates write an essay or submit a video by February 10th.
  • The club can review the submissions during our February 11th meeting.
Happy Birthday to Scott!
Happy 22nd anniversary to Wade and Chantal!

Happy Dollars

Gil: Great Christmas visit with family.
Jenna: Family is growing. Christmas visit in Florida.
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Rotarians: Brian Bigelow, Bob Ferguson, Gord McNaughton, Brenda McNaughton, Scott Negrych, Gil Contant, Chris Wade, Shawn Heard, John Tyler, Jenna Dickson.
Exchange Student: François Criquelière
Presiding: Bill Goulding
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