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Bike Rack

  • No new news.
  • Jenna
    • Shoring up some details on our district grant application.
    • Otherwise looks positive for success.

TV Bingo

  • No real enthusiasm from the club to pursue this project.
  • Have yet to hold a Director’s Meeting yet to confirm that we will be abandoning this project.


  • Dave has drafted a letter to be distributed to our past years sponsors.
  • Cost will be $75/golfer. Includes golf and meal.
    • We will be roughly breaking even.
  • Date will be September 19th. Tee times will range between 09:00 and 15:00.
  • Other tournaments this year have each filled up.
  • We will be displaying our sponsor signs.
  • How will we be collecting funds?
    • Best option will be for golf course to collect since they will be the ones needing to be paid anyway. They can also pay the caterer.
    • Online option?

Fellowship BBQ

  • Nothing new from Douglas on this.

Bingo Start-up (In person bingo)

  • Rick has reported to us that Bingo will in fact be starting up in September.
  • We have a commitment on September 11th.
  • Workers will be required to wear a mask (at least for walking in and out of the building)
  • There will be up to 50 people (players?) in the hall.
  • Will be looking into specific safety measures that are in place and that we need to follow.
  • We need at least three volunteers for this event.

Multiuse Accessible Park

  • We have been approached by a member of the community, Leona Mattice, seeking our stated support for a park that is accessible for persons with mobility difficulties.
  • Gord has been in communication with Ms Mattice. She is in the early stages of this project. As such, there is little in place organized for the project as of yet.
  • Shawn will draft a letter of general support for the project but not make any commitments at this time.
  • Perhaps some of what we can offer is organizational guidance in assisting her get this project through to fruition?

Highway Clean-up

  • Should we do another clean-up?
  • Yes. Perhaps in the fall after the golf project (Late September or early October).
Next regular meeting will be on September 1st.

Happy Stories

John: Email from John Quakenbush (sp?) looking to reconnect with Ross Dahmer.
Shawn: Last few weeks moving mother to Elliot Lake; moving one son from Elliot Lake (to SSM); and shortly will move another son to school.
Robert: Got to check out the new permanent soccer lines on the fields.
Kim: Fresh tomatoes in the mailbox.
Bill: Emlyn and Myla dental visit.
Gil: Grandson’s canoe trip in Algonquin Park (jealous).
Brian: Birthday coming up.
adj. 20:06
There was an error in the bulletin for the August 4th meeting distributed on August 5, 2020. I erroneously reported that ELNOS is also contributing to the basketball court project. In fact, Elliot Lake Retirement Living is the other (known) sponsor of the project.
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