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The club viewed two films on the subject of Remembrance Day.
  1. The Poppy: Canada’s Symbol of Remembrance.
  2. Two Minutes of Silence.

100 Elliot Lakers Who Care

  • Square account has been pointed at our new 100 ELWC bank account.
  • May modify the account to point at our website.
  • Thursday will be wrap-up of the basketball account. We can then announce the new project.
  • Perhaps push the date back to the end of March.
    • We would very much like to reach the goal of 100 donors. This may give us enough time to achieve this target.
  • Someone has already reached out to us regarding this project (via Facebook).
  • We should consider a video announcing our new project.
  • Consider discouraging video presentations due to bandwidth limitations.
    • We could resolve such issues by ensuring the host’s computer has appropriate internet service (e.g. Hosting from the ELNOS site).
    • Host a “dry-run”.
    • There is also the option of pre-recorded presentations.

$800 Additional COVID Grant

  • No further information.

District Grant

  • We have officially received approval for the grant.
  • Now can go ahead and have the welder start building the bike racks.
  • $2400 grant. We must match with an additional $2400.

NOSSM Strategic Plan Launch

  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine has announced their new strategic plan
  • In conjunction with this plan, they are announcing a trivia challenge where individuals can win $1000.00 and/or possibly win $10,000.00 for their community hospital.

Next Year’s Executive

Brenda: President
Still needed: Treasurer, Secretary, etc. Rotarians who are interested in filling one of the roles in the executive should make themselves known.
Dues are due!
The topic for next meeting (November 24th) is: To Bingo or Not to Bingo!

Happy Thoughts

Jenna: Vaccine is coming.
Shawn: Wishes to hear from a certain 13 y/o entrepreneur.
Chris: Thankful for the good weather.
Kim: Attended virtual district conference; Sarah’s first ballet exam yesterday; cast came off.
Gord: Sad since did not win corvette. No rides for club members.
Bill: Whirligig helicoptered off the house.
Brenda: 3rd assignment and discussion for course completed.
David: Rossland used our club’s website information to set up their own 100 Who Care Program.
Next meeting will be November 22nd.
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Rotarians: Chris Wade, Shawn Heard, Bill Goulding, Brenda McNaughton, Gord McNaughton, Brian Bigelow, John Tyler, Kim Arnold, Wayne Arnold, Jenna Dickson, Dave Snider.
Presiding: Gil Contant.
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