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Little Free Lending Library

  • Douglas has spoken to the Library Board Chair. A library cannot be placed in the location suggested due to the area being closed off.
  • Alternate areas:
    • Foodland?
    • Lobby of ELNOS building?
      • Brenda advised that this was explored with our first LFLL years ago, owners would not grant permission.
  • Perhaps with the library set to re-open in the coming weeks this initiative is unnecessary.

100 Elliot Lakers Who Care

  • Bill received information from Paul Eldon:
    • ELNOS is also funding part of this project with the City of Elliot Lake agreeing to cover any shortfall.
    • City of E.L. will be doing/assisting with the installation.
    • There is a slight delay with the vendor; but, the project should be going ahead this summer.
  • Shawn and Bill will be starting into this year’s event shortly.

TV Bingo

  • John updated the club following his fact-finding mission regarding this potential project.
    • Before summer, participants were seeing approx. $2 to 3K profits. Since summer (fewer participants) approx. $1K.
    • TV Bingo executive decide which groups may join.
    • He spoke with a couple of members who seemed amenable to the idea of Rotary participating.
    • Participants of TV Bingo are also required to participate in Bingo Hall bingo.
    • We would have restrictions placed on the funds raised via this venture in the same way as the funds are from our current Bingo venture.
  • Concern expressed over the time/work commitments required for participation with TV Bingo.
  • Funds raised would not be able to be used for: e.g. Youth Exchange; International projects.
  • Perhaps we need to find other fundraising project(s) that are not as restrictive on how we use the funds raised.
  • Follow-up with this at the board level.

Golf Sponsors Recognition Event

  • David has spoken to Darryl. They have held a date for us.
  • Tournament was recently held at the golf course. We could borrow from their strategies (regarding COVID safety) for our event should it go ahead.
  • Club agrees to advance this project.
  • David and Chris will be leads.

Fellowship BBQ at Douglas and Greg’s

  • Will set-up a date and follow up with details.

Zoom Account

  • Perhaps we should sign up for our own account. We have been piggy backing off of others.
    • Possibly some privacy issues with this arrangement.
  • Cost is approx. $20/month.
  • We will discuss at next board meeting.

Rotary Lager

  • Rotary Lager
  • This project will be coming to an end. R.I. has decided to discontinue.

District Conference

  • The decision has been decided to hold this year’s district conference online.
  • The event will take place on November 7th and 8th.
  • No registration fees will be required.
  • More information will be forthcoming.

New Business

  1. Kim: Sign in front of old Civic Centre
    1. Concern the lack of exposure of our emblem.
    2. Has been looked into recently with no firm plan for the structure (including our emblem) from the city at that time.
    3. Gil will follow-up.
  2. David: Canada Day Parade
    1. A low-key event.
    2. Not many people seemed to now about it.
    3. We may want to hold some kind of fundraiser/event on Canada Day.
      1. BBQ with hamburger give-away?
      2. Cardboard boat race?
  3. Jenna: Has joined Steve Wallace on District Grant Committee.
  4. Kim: Ann Dahmer (Ross’s wife) moving to England. Her old email address will be active for a while for those who wish to contact her.

Happy Thoughts

Brenda: Did well on course.
John: Getting soccer fields lined.
Bill: Girls and I went to a friend’s cottage on Manitoulin Island for the weekend.
Gord: On vacation for the month of August.
Gil: Michelle and I received green beans. Also: theft of gas.
Jenna: All siblings together at parents last weekend.
Next meeting will be August 18th, 2020 at 19:00
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Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Brenda McNaughton, Robert Ferguson, Chris Wade, Kim Arnold, Bill Goulding, Wayne Arnold, Douglas Elliot, Jenna Dickson, John Tyler, David Snider.
Presiding: Gil Contant
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Rotary District 7010
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