cto 19:02


  • A draft budget was recently circulated to the club that had been passed by the directors.
  • Presenting a deficit budget (approx. $8500.00).
  • At present, our only “for sure” income is from our dues and grants.
    • We may be able hold virtual 100 Elliot Lakers Who Care.
  • The cash we have in our account would cover our deficit.
    • This does not touch our GIC (rainy day account).
  • Proposing to maintain our bursaries to students.
  • This also assumes our district grant proposal is successful.
  • The student exchange program is on hold.
    • $1000.00 is set aside for other student programs if they go ahead.
  • The budget contains “soft spots”.
Motion: To accept the budget as presented.
Moved by: Shawn Heard.
Seconded: Brenda McNaughton.

Meeting Schedule

  • It was decided to hold a meeting every second Tuesday on this rotation.
  • Would still allow for opportunities of fellowship.
Motion: To hold formal meetings every second Tuesday.
Moved by: Bill Goulding.
Seconded by: Shawn Heard.
Motion carried.

100 Elliot Lakers Who Care

  • We are currently holding approx. $8000.00 for Paul Eldon (Last years successful project presenter).
  • The project is still going forward.
  • We should send out an update to the donor’s list.
  • Also, we should put out a new call for projects.

TV Bingo

  • John brought forward an idea at the Director’s Meeting to see if we could get involved with TV Bingo.
  • TV Bingo happens Sunday and Wednesday nights.
  • There are currently 9 groups involved.
  • Each group must sell 10 Bingo cards.
  • Each group is also responsible for distributing, collecting cards; collecting funds; submitting reports; running the bingo on “their night” (minimum of three persons).
  • The organization may not be receptive to us jumping on board at this point.
  • John will follow-up with the TV Bingo organization regarding our possible involvement.

Aiden Freitag

  • Aiden was our bursary winner but has notified us that he will not be attending university this fall due to COVID pandemic. He is asking our permission for a one-year deferment.
  • We have already forwarded our bursary monies ($500) to ELSS who hold the funds for the student. They have agreed to continue to hold the funds with our permission.
    • This was approved at the director’s meeting.

Rotary Dues

  • District will not finalize due until later in the year.
  • We have already received a bill from Rotary International.

Jenna New/Old Project Idea

  • Has been approached by members in the community who are looking for someone/a group to organize and manage a Little Free Lending Library (LFLL) within the community.
  • This is due to the library being closed for the foreseeable future.
  • We could perhaps donate an old bookshelf.
  • Douglas will investigate locating the LFLL outside of the current library (He knows the Library board chairperson).

Golf Tournament

  • At least one tournament is rumoured to have taken place.
    • Competitors had to book their T times. Meals were held just when they had completed their round of golf.
  • We are not going to host a tourney this year.
    • Perhaps some kind of recognition event for all of our previous years sponsors.
    • Hesitate to use the word “Tournament”.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

  1. Douglas and Greg
  2. Wayne and Kim

Happy Thoughts

Douglas: Sister is visiting from Windsor
Shawn: Mover mother back to Elliot Lake.
Gil: Happy to be back here with you.
Chris: First trip out of town since February. To Espanola.
Shawn: Moving son out. Will be the media advisor for the Sault Greyhounds.
Kim: Wayne and I went kayaking.
John: Trip to Espanola. Youngest got “G” license.
Wayne: Callum driving story.
adj. 20:15
Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Brenda McNaughton, Bill Goulding, Chris Wade, Douglas Elliot, Brian Bigelow, Jenna Dickenson, Bob Ferguson, Shawn Heard, Wayne Arnold, John Tyler, Kim Arnold.
Presiding: Gil Contant.
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Rotary District 7010
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