100 Elliot Lakers Who Care

  • No update.


  • Adventures in High Tech.
  • This is a project we have participated with in years past.
  • Deadline for participation in this year’s (online) event is October 9th; therefore, it’s a little to tight of a timeline for us to participate this year.
  • Perhaps we can involve ourselves with Adventures in Citizenship, assuming it is virtual.

Golf Tournament: Dave and Chris provided an update

  • Tournament is “Good to go!”.
  • Will require a few people on Friday night to set up signs.
  • Did a test run with the toilet seat hole. Thumbs up!
  • Meals have been arranged. Probably should have tickets for the participants.
    • Paid for 120 meals and we are currently at 116 participants.
  • Weather for tournament day is forecasted to be good although a little on the cool side.
  • Mrs. Briffet has been advised of the tournament but will not be attending.
    • Given the format of this year’s event, there is no reason for her to come anyway.


  • We are going to set aside some time in October for further discussion on this topic.

Highway Clean-up

  • Alternative date of September 30, 2020
  • Meet at the No Frills Parking Lot approx. 17:15. Leaving the parking lot at 17:30 for the clean-up.

District Governance

  • Call for candidates is due by October 30th.

World Polio Day

  • October 24th this year.
  • More information is forthcoming along with ideas on how we can participate.

Club Banking

  • Northern Credit Union (NCU) has a banking option that would satisfy our banking needs.
  • We would be able to maintain the two signatories requirement for all outgoing funds.
    • Including online.
  • Costs: $4/month for up to 15 transactions (only applies to outgoing transactions, not incoming).
    • A charge of $1/outgoing transaction would be applied after 15.
  • A review of past banking transactions revealed that there are very few times in a year that we would exceed the 15 transactions.
  • Expectation is that, if we were to switch to NCU, our banking fees would be a little less than $100.00/year.
    • Scotia Bank alone, currently charges us more than is our expected fees from NCU.
  • A membership in NCU would be held by the club.
  • At NCU we would have access to electronic banking.
  • We would need to present our bylaws, and motions passed by the club to start the process with NCU.
  • Discussion:
    • If favour as we would “put everything under one roof” and reduce our banking fees.
Whereas;  The Rotary Club of Elliot Lake wishes to enter into a banking agreement with Northern Credit Union
Be it resolved that;
The Rotary club of Elliot Lake designate “Northern Credit Union”, Elliot Lake branch as the depository institution for the funds of the club including any and all types of deposit accounts, checking, savings, certificates of deposit, and any other accounts that may be opened in the Rotary Club of Elliot Lake’s name with Northern Credit Union in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations for such accounts.
Further resolved;
That the Rotary Club authorizes electronic banking services with Northern Credit Union. 
Further resolved;
That effective September 1, 2020 any two of the following are designated as authorized representatives on behalf of the Rotary Club of Elliot Lake to sign cheques and execute electronic fund transfers for the payment of money relating to any account(s) in the Rotary Club of Elliot Lake’s name.
With respect to electronic banking, any one of the following are designated as authorized representative on behalf of the Rotary Club of Elliot Lake to access Rotary Club of Elliot Lake funds through the use of electronic access accounts, cards or other devices as provided by Northern Credit Union.
President:   Gil Contant; 
Treasurer:   Bill Goulding; 
Secretary:   Gord McNaughton.
Seconder: Jenna Dickson
  • Since our GIC matures on October 14th, Gil will instruct them to put the place the funds in the cash account (rather than renew).
Our next meeting will be September 30th for highway clean-up.

Happy Thoughts

Gord: Purchased a Wasaga Beach Rotary, Lottery Ticket.
Kim: Callum stayed home to do school; New course on Aboriginal Canadians.
Jenna: Duties at wedding in Timmins.
Brenda: Starting a new accounting course.
adj. 19:47
Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Chris Wade, Brenda McNaughton, Wayne Arnold, Brian Bigelow, Bob Ferguson, John Tyler, Dave Snider, Kim Arnold.
Presiding: Gil Contant.
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