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Land Acknowledgement.

Static Santa Claus Parade

  • Taking place this Friday November 26.
  • 6 to 8 pm.
  • Looking for volunteers to help with set-up at 14:00.
  • We will be setting up on the boulevard in front of Wayne’s Office.

Rotary Bingo Night

  • December 3rd.
  • Jenna, Jane, Chris, and John Quackenbush will be running the event.
  • 5 to 8 pm.
  • Typically seeing crowds of about 55 to 60 persons.

Ice-Out fundraiser

  • Wayne hand Gill have followed up with the city.
  • In past, Rotary have run this fundraiser for two years.
  • The city is aware of our interest in reviving this fundraiser.
  • Currently we are waiting for the city to get back to us regarding: If we need a lottery license; environmental concerns/precautions.
  • That there is no fish derby this year, this may have a negative impact on sales.
    • But it is a fun event!

Chilli Cook-Off

  • Will there be a winter carnival?
  • Can we use the ski hill?
  • Health inspector.
    • Need to consult. What are our requirements?
  • Ski hill is very small.
  • How do we monetize?
    • Charge contestants.
    • Charge general public.
  • COVID is a complicating factor.
  • Jenna will consult with public health regarding our requirements.

Bike Raffle

  • Need a lottery licence.
    • Don’t anticipate a problem with this.
  • Possibly require a $3200 to $3500 investment.
  • If we charge $5 per ticket, we would break even at 600 tickets.
  • Need to decide where moneys will go in order to apply for the license.
    • e.g. hospital bed(s).
  • Suggesting a late winter/early spring kick-off period.
  • Could possibly direct monies to ELSS to replace the annual Red & White event (hasn’t been held in two years).

Youth Exchange

  • Cost $1000 to participate. In addition, there are hosting fees.
  • Not a viable option at this point. Was discussed at last meeting.

For the Good of Rotary

  • Commercial popcorn maker:
    • Has been shipped.
    • Also purchased supplies ($130.00). Enough to make approx. 1600 bags of popcorn.
  • Generator is at NAPA.
  • We need somewhere to store the generator.
  • Sell popcorn at: Winter carnival?, movie?, drive-by popcorn?
Next Meeting December 7, 2021
  • Claire will not be available.
  • Perhaps Brenda will make meal and charge the same amount. Funds could go towards Foundation or some other project.
  • Wayne oversees games.
  • Golf shirts have arrived
  • Yet to be delivered.
  • Ham sales monies?
    • Send to Gil.
  • 100 Elliot Lakers Who Care will not be run this year.
  • We are sitting on funds collected for this event for close to two years.
    • Approx. $1000 worth.
    • Time to offer a refund?
  • We can offer the donors to re-direct the funds to: e.g. Foundation?

Happy Dollars

Jenna: Sat in the bush for a weekend and a day. Hunting party caught their quota.
Dave: Darlene and I took on the Poppy campaign for Blind River Legion this year.
Wayne: Will be reading Brian McFarlane book over the weekend.
Kim: Callum got his full G-license.
Brenda: Good trip.
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Guest: Rick Hamilton
Rotarians: Jane Carlsson-Mann, John Tyler, Wayne Arnold, Gord McNaughton, Gil Contant, Kim Arnold, Jenna Dickson, Dave Snider.
Chair: Brenda McNaughton.
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