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Elliot Lake Retirement Living Grant

  • Two proposals were made one month ago (Pig roaster and Popcorn maker).
  • We need to decide tonight so that we have the time to complete a grant application and submit to ELRL.
  • The two proposals were reviewed and discussed.
  • Following the discussion, votes were held, and the club decided to proceed with submitting a grant proposal for the popcorn maker.

Bike Racks

  • Photos of the completed bike racks have been circulated to the members.
  • We have three completed bike racks.
  • In discussion with the city representative, the suggested locations for the racks are:
    • Spruce Beach
    • Collins Hall
    • Bus stop in front of Canadian Tire
  • Question: Will Parks and Recreation Department pick-up and deliver/install the racks?
    • Jenna will ask.
  • We need to set a photo-op as part of our grant process.
  • Final reporting must be done by the end of August (extensions have been granted)
  • We need to have press involvement!
    • Perhaps the May long weekend, after the stay-at-home order has been lifted.


  • We have heard nothing from Community Living Algoma.
  • We will just wrap this up.

Virtual RYLA

  • We have a successful candidate! Sam Heard.
  • Sam will participate in a virtual, three-day leadership camp.
  • Cost to the club is $75.00.

Great Lakes Watershed Clean-Up

  • On hold until:
    • Stay-At-Home orders have been lifted.
    • Clearance from the district organizing committee has been granted.

Next Years District Simplified Grant

  • Application deadline is June 30th.
  • Steve Wallace (Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach) is running a mentorship committee to assist clubs write grant proposals.
  • Brenda and Gil will take the grant writing course.
  • Our membership should come up with ideas where we can utilize grant monies.
    • Ideas should target one of Rotary’s Areas of Focus.

Tulips for Polio

  • New project for Rotary Districts 6330 and 7010.
  • Each club in these districts are required to sell (at least) 10 boxes of tulip bulbs.
  • Each box will contain 25 bulbs and are sold for $25/box.
  • Orders for the bulbs must be in by May 31st. Bulbs will be delivered in the fall.
  • Must find ways to sell the bulbs “COVIDly”, online? via our Facebook page? etc.
Next meeting will be May 11th. Incoming District Governor Steve Meadley will be our guest.

Happy Thoughts

John: Update on Elliot Lake’s ongoing COVID-19 vaccinations. (approx. 35% of our community have been vaccinated so far). Another clinic this week.
Jenna: Mountain bike is all tuned-up.
Wayne: Hockey podcast story.
Kim: Been watching hockey games with her hubby, but the hubby keeps falling asleep!
Bill: Report from Paul Eldon that the tiles for the basketball court project have arrived and the whole project should be completed by the end of May.
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Guest: Jane Carlsson Mann
Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Bill Goulding, Brian Bigelow, Chris Wade, Wayne Arnold, John Tyler, Kim Arnold, Shawn Heard, Brenda McNaughton, Jenna Dickson.
Presiding: Gil Contant.
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