The “Turnover Meeting” was changed to a Changeover meeting (Douglas was expecting turnovers).

Bike Rack Project

  • Dave discussed with distributer on Monday. Have a model that locks by frame rather than by the wheel.
  • Ernie hasn’t yet got information for Dave; but, likes the logo
  • Still waiting for the budget before we can proceed.
  • Jenna talked to Parks and Rec. committee, ‘No reason why they wouldn’t want ‘em’.
  • Jenna will write up the grant application, highlighting: disease prevention, child and maternal health, sanitation/clean air (environment).
  • Just shy of $800.00 per rack.
  • We will be submitting for $2400 and adjusting for whatever Rotary tells us.

Youth Exchange/ François

  • July 8th flight home was cancelled due to no passengers. Rebooked for July 7th.
  • Heather may organize a parade/drive-by for us all to say “Good-bye”.

Pride Committee

  • Details are still being worked out.
  • Needs approval before going ahead.

Summer BBQ

  • Fully expect to move to “stage 3” in July (Gatherings of 10 to 20 people).
  • Douglas could go ahead to have a BBQ.
  • Not much risk as event(s) would take place outdoors.
  • No decision made as of yet.


  • Gil took over duties of club president.
  • Bill was presented with a Past Presidents pin and was also recognized with a Paul Harris Fellowship.
Next meeting will take place June 29th to wrap a few things up.
Will be meeting with the new board every two weeks.
Regular fellowship meeting next week, then a business meeting.

Canada Day Parade

  • David will drive in the Parade
  • Jenna will contact Darla H. to say we want in.
  • Yellow canoe on a blue truck.
adj. 20:01
Guests: Heather, Emlyn, and Myla Goulding; François Criquelière (Exchange student).
Rotarians: Bob Ferguson, Brenda McNaughton, Gil Contant, Shawn Heard, Douglas Elliot, Chris Wade, John Tyler, David Snider, Kim Arnold, Wayne Arnold, Jenna Dickson.
Presiding: Bill Goulding.
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Rotary District 7010
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