cto 19:00
Land Acknowledgement.
Oh Canada
Toasts to the Queen and Canada.

Great Canadian Fishing Raffle

  • Potential fundraising opportunity being run district wide.
  • Funds would go to a charitable group in Elliot Lake.
  • Consists of online sales for a fishing boat package.
  • Requires a $250.00 buy in for promotional materials.
  • Club takes a pass.

Curling Fellowship presentation by John Q.


Good of Rotary

  • Possible non-profit funding available via the city.
  • Gil will apply for a new computer.

March 1st In-Person Meeting

  • Not enough willing participants for an in-person meeting.
  • Meeting will, therefore, be held via Zoom.

Happy Dollars

Shawn: Last of kids applying for post-secondary school.
Jenna: Going to Ottawa to visit sister.
John Q.: Will be receiving pro-rated dues for our club soon.
Brenda: Homework story.
Chris: Job as delivery driver for Swiss Chalet.
adj.: 20:33
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Guests: Faye Steel, John Quackenbush.
Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Chris Wade, Shawn Heard, Gil Contant, Wayne Arnold, Jenna Dickson.
Presiding: Brenda McNaughton.
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