cto. 19:00
Land Acknowledgement.


  • To date we have 21, hole sponsors
    • Documentation and payment.
  • We have two title sponsors.
    • First time in a long time.
    • 108 Lifestyle and Sporting & Foodland.
  • Dinner Sponsor
    • Cambridge LLP
  • This leaves us in excellent shape for this year.
  • We have also secured a second Hole-in-One sponsor.
    • OK Tire.
  • Currently have approx. $400 in donations.
  • Dave has done a sign inventory.
    • All the signs appear to be in good shape.
  • Sign Rite.
    • Dealing with a family emergency but should nevertheless be able to complete signs in time.
  • Prize donations are a bit thin.
    • Historically these donations have always flushed out at the last minute.
    • Not a lot of concern currently.
    • Discussion regarding whether we can utilize some of the donated funds toward purchasing prizes for the prize table.
  • Tournament will be limited to 24 teams.
    • This is to ensure that there will be two carts for each team.
  • Side games/fundraising
    • 50/50 draw?
      • Not allowed without a raffle license since it is considered a game of chance.
    • Buy a Mulligan?
    • Putting game?
  • Gift bags.
    • See if Foodland (being one of our whole in title sponsors) would donate 96 reusable grocery bags to be used for this purpose
    • We could also go to: No Frills, Dollarama, or 108 Lifestyle and Sporting Goods.
  • Currently have 10 teams registered.

Indoor/In Person Meetings

  • District has circulated a document advising of guidelines to follow for In-Person/Hybrid meetings.
    • Recommending all attendees be fully vaccinated.
    • Assistance to conduct hybrid meeting will be forthcoming.
  • Douglas has informed the club that the Masons would like to know if we would like to resume our meetings in the Masonic Hall. Another group is interested in the space on Tuesday nights. They are giving us the opportunity to decline first. They are willing to give us a break on rent.
    • Because we haven’t done any fundraising in a year (or more?) we don’t have any money for rent.
    • To conduct hybrid meetings, we would need internet access. Don’t know if Masonic Hall has this capability or not.
  • George’s Restaurant has also offered their side room to conduct meetings.
    • Rent free.
    • Concern over the lack of privacy.
    • Here again, we don’t know if WiFi is available for us to conduct hybrid meetings.
  • General consensus is that the club members would prefer Masonic Lodge, but concern whether Masons would be willing to rent to us only once or twice a month.
  • Douglas will investigate with the Masons regarding WiFi at their facility including, if necessary us paying for the WiFi.
  • Another option for us is the ELNOS boardroom.
  • Dave will investigate to see if George’s Restaurant has WiFi.
  • A decision will have to be made at the next meeting.

Guest Speakers

  • Chief Brent Bissaillion of Serpent River First Nation is scheduled to speak to our club on September 28th. Just ahead of the new national holiday (National Day for Truth and Reconciliation September 30th).
    • If the Masonic Hall doesn’t work out, then we can use George’s Restaurant as a back-up option.
  • Past District Governor, Bill Hagborg, is scheduled to speak to the club via Zoom on October 12th.
    • Regarding the district’s involvement with the Water First Project.


  • The club has been asked if we want to resume our involvement with Bingo.
    • Club was in favour.
  • We will be assigned 2 or 3 Bingo sessions to host.
    • Need 3 people to host the Bingo. At least one should be experienced.

Highway Clean-Up

  • Only/first meeting date to do highway clean-up is October 26th.
  • This is to late in the year.
  • Option is to do the clean-up on a non-meeting night.
  • Club will do the clean-up on Sunday September 26th at 1 pm.

Foundation Dinner

  • Deferred to next meeting.

100 ELWC

  • Coming up in November/December.

Happy Dollars

Brenda: Kitchen is almost done.
Jenna: All siblings at parents for dog memorial.
David: Riding bike to airport and back twice a week.
Douglas: Attended an outdoor neighbourhood gathering for Bobcat Trail. Mother sold house in Bracebridge.
Gil: Michelle and I had family visiting.
Jane: Thanks to Chris and Brenda for veggies.
adj. 20:35
Rotarians: Brian Bigelow, Gord McNaughton, Shawn Heard, Gil Contant, Chris Wade, Jane Carlsson-Mann, Jenna Dickson, Douglas Elliot, Dave Snider.
Presiding: Brenda McNaughton.
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