cto 19:10
Land Acknowledgement.
Oh Canada.

Ham Sales

  • They’re coming Thursday or Friday of this week.

New Bingo Dates

  • Rick has informed the club that there are new Bingo dates for our club.
  • January 7th and March 18th.
  • Volunteers for these events should arrive at the bingo hall no later than 4:30 pm.
    • January 7th: Gord, Brenda, John Q., Jenna, and Jane.
    • March 18th: Gord, Brenda, Jenna, John Q., Jane.

January 4th In-Person Meeting

  • Intending to have a strategic planning meeting with Peter, Margaret Walton…
  • Peter is encouraging possible new members and anyone who has left Rotary in the last two to three years.
  • Will monitor the COVID situation.
  • Strongly recommend that it is done as an “in-person” event.
  • Public feeling is unsafe right now re: COVID.
  • Peter will contact Margaret regarding an alternative date (Feb. 1st or March 1st).
  • Five members are comfortable meeting January 4th.


  • Faye, the Rotary Volunteer. Words by Kim Arnold. Music by Johnny Marks. Performed by Kim Arnold.
  • Rotary Quiz.

Happy Dollars

Douglas: Happy he won a case for Councillor Pearce. Fined for being in media regarding this case.
John Q.: Member of Rotary Curling Fellowship.
Wayne: Small world J.C. Superstar.
Next meeting January 21st 2021.
adj. 20:23
Guests: John Quackenbush, Peter Edmunds
Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Jane Carlsson-Mann, Shawn Heard, Gil Contant, Douglas Elliot, Jenna Dickson, Dave Snider, Wayne Arnold, Kim Arnold.
Presiding: Brenda McNaughton.
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