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Hall Rental

  • Might be easier to retrieve our stuff if equipment is stored at Wayne’s
  • No quorum, therefore, we are unable to decide tonight.

Bike Racks

  • Bill presented 4 bike rack designs.
  • Discussion surrounding the sign in front of old Pearson Centre
    • Can we front the dollars to get the power back to the sign? This would fit a grant proposal.

Grants COVID/Disaster

  • $2500 (?) US to the district. This is not a matching grant.
  • Any club can apply for some of the funding.
  • Our club has expressed an interest in applying.
  • We also have our own dollars that can be re-allocated (due to cancellations related to COVID Pandemic).
  • Our Bingo funds have been approved by the city to be applied for any use involving the food bank.
  • Of note: if may be prudent to hold on to some of our funds as we little/no means to raise new funds for the foreseeable future.

Happy Stories

Gil: Daughter Jennifer secured a term position with Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM).
François: Dad belongs to a running club and is seeking sponsors. Earnings will go to his Rotary club in Belgium. Asked François to join him.
Jenna: 3 local young women have applied to NOSM this year, and thus far two have been accepted (3rd is still awaiting decision.
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Guest: François Criquelière (Exchange student).
Rotarians, Gord McNaughton, Gil Contant, Chris Wade, Shawn Heard, John Tyler, Brenda McNaughton, Jenna Dickson.
Presiding: Bill Goulding.
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