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  • Gil presented to the club a statement of the club’s present financial situation.

100 ELWC

  • Three donors have signed up.
  • Less engagement with the Christmas promotions than anticipated.
  • Two projects have applied or engaged with the committee regarding making an application.
  • Through January, the club needs to push the donor drive to get it from 3 to 100 donors.


  • The Salvation Army kitchen is closed, consequently, they are not in need of any PPE at this time.
  • Club 90 is still serving 7 meals per week and is therefore in need of PPE.
    • They have already purchased the PPE and forwarded a receipt.
  • We still have $200.00 remaining from the grant. We should have it spent by May.
  • Any other organizations that may be in need?
    • Toy lending library may have a requirement. Brenda will contact.


  • Kim has volunteered to co-ordinate programs for the balance of the year.
  • Mayor Marchisella will join our January 19th meeting via Zoom.
    • Guests are welcome. Members may forward the meeting link to any guests.
  • Guest speakers will be posted on the Cub Runner website and show up on the bulletins.

Intact Insurance

  • We received a cheque from Intact Insurance for $64.00.
  • This is curious since we are not aware of ever having dealt with this company. It is suspected that may be related to our golf tournaments.
  • This will be confirmed, and the funds will be earmarked for Foundation General fund.

Happy Dollars

Jenna: 2020, The Year of the Nurse, ended.
Brenda: Made a connection with a possible new Rotary member.
Kim: Happy new year all!!
Bill: Video game sharing with nephew.
Shawn: Death to 2020 movie.
Gil: Son in Ottawa/Stittsville got to go out cross-country skiing.
Kim: Hoping Canada gets medals in the Juniors.
John: Happy all my kids are under one roof.
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Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Brenda McNaughton, Chris Wade, Bill Goulding, Wayne Arnold, Shawn Heard, Brian Bigelow, John Tyler, Jenna Dickson, Kim Arnold.
Presiding: Gil Contant.
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