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Bike Rack

  • Word from Jenna is that the grant for our bike rack(s) has been approved.
  • Do not have the details at this time, as such, we will wait until Jenna can join us to fill us in.

Golf Tournament

  • There was a brief frost delay to the start, but otherwise, the day went well.
  • There was some confusion with the “fun holes” that could be solved with better communication next time.
  • Daryl (Spence) has the prizes under control.
  • There are approx. $1200.00 to use for prizes.
  • Several of the players complimented Rotary for getting the tournament. It wasn’t expected this year.
  • Had to turn away 6 teams.
  • We achieved the goals that we wanted:
    1. Put Rotary “out there”.
    2. Acknowledge our business community.

100 Elliot Lakers Who Care (Bill updated)

  • We should solicit our donors to transfer their donations via e-transfer.
  • Should organise this for the event night to take place after Christmas.
  • Suggest running the “call for projects” and “call for donors” concurrently.
  • Hold the event the last week of January.
  • Best to complete the switching over of our bank accounts first before we start calling for donors.


  • Switch-over is already in the works.
  • Discussions and presentation of necessary documentation has already begun.


  • Holding off sending out dues until we complete the banking switch over.
Next meeting will be October 13th
  • There will be a program on Polio.

Happy Dollars

Dave: Leaving for BC on Thursday. Daughter in Holland ‘The whole country is in lockdown (COVID related)’.
John: Construction at building is on temporary hold, but the building is nevertheless in use. Name and picture were in the paper re: lining on soccer fields. Approx. ½ way through radiation treatment in Sudbury.
Chris: One of the kids were symptomatic and therefore tested for COVID. Result was negative.
Bill: Emlyn starting a business as a reading tutor.
Brenda: Accounting course is going well but is a lot of work.
adj. 19:43
Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Brenda McNaughton, Brian Bigelow, Shawn Heard, Chris Wade, Dave Snider, John Tyler.
Presiding: Gil Contant.
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