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Emlyn presented to the club, outlining her process of starting her company, Book Buds, and how she came to win the Millworks Centre for Entrepreneurship contest.

100 ELWC

  • Some people have signed up (4 or 5).

Additional Grant (COVID Grant)

  • $200 each for Women’s Shelter and Men’s Shelter.
  • Also: Club 90 requires gloves for serving meals. Also, Alzheimer’s Society requires rubber gloves.
  • Do Meals on Wheels or Salvation Army have requirements?
  • The membership agreed to giving Club 90 $200.
    • Wait to hear from the Salvation Army, then split the remainder of the grant between Alzheimer’s Society and/or Salvation Army.
  • Each organization may go ahead and purchase the product they need and submit receipts to us for reimbursement.

Passing of Andy Trussler

  • Former member of the Rotary Club of Elliot Lake and the Rotary Club of Blind River.
  • Andy’s obituary asked that, in lieu of flowers, donations be given to the either Rotary club. We have already received a donation in this regard. We will be placing the donation in Foundation General fund.

Nomination Committee

  • Four members must be elected: President, President elect, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  • The nominating committee puts forward the following for consideration the consideration of the club:
    • President: Brenda McNaughton
    • President Elect: Shawn Heard
    • Secretary: Gord McNaughton
    • Treasurer: Gil Contant
  • Wayne moves that we close the nominations.
  • Seconded by Douglas.
  • Carried.

December 22ndth Meeting

  • The next meeting will be in December 22nd which will be our Christmas Social.
  • Invite your friends and family to join in.
  • Several of our past exchange students (hopefully) will be sending messages or will be joining us online.

Happy Thoughts

Douglas: Happy to be back.
Wayne: Happy for Emlyn’s presentation.
Gil: Happy to have a new slate of officers.
Jenna: Happy to have been able to get a contractor to do some tiling.
David: Gave a bi-monthly “Out of Hope (BC)” bulletin regarding the left coast. (It’s still raining).
Douglas: 1st people to get the COVID vaccine in UK. Our CT scanner has arrived!
Kim: Christmas lights and tree are up. Liked the parade in place.
Brenda: Father is doing well despite COVID restrictions. Settled insurance for kitchen and got new snow tires.
Kim: Callum was the 1st to “ding-up” our bumper (“not me”).
Bill: Mr. Tyler dropped off ski wear and saw Evelyn and he battling over last of the Halloween candy.
adj. 20:17
Guest: Emlyn Goulding.
Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Shawn Heard, Brian Bigelow, Wayne Arnold, Brenda McNaughton, Kim Arnold, Jenna Dickson, Douglas Elliot, Dave Snider, John Tyler.
Presiding: Gil Contant.
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