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2021 – 2022 Budget Discussion


  • Gathering together for meetings would cost approx. $1200.
  • With our current finances not something we can afford.
  • Decision to continue with primarily Zoom based meetings; but, have periodic (Monthly? Every 2nd?)  in person gatherings at local restaurants for fellowship.

Golf Tournament

  • We are booked for September 18th.
  • We still do not know the start format. If it is a shotgun start, we can have about 110 participants. A staggered start will allow a few more.
  • Businesses are still hurting. Restrictions remain in place making the gathering of sponsors challenging.
  • For the above reasons, and to keep the tournament running we could run a “hybrid tournament”. Still charge tournament fees at cost, but also have a tip jar available.
  • Should we include shirts?
    • This has been prized item for tournament participants.
    • Provides a good means to maintain our public exposure.
    • Should leave this decision to the golf committee.
  • Talk golf some more in two weeks time (next regular meeting).

Foundation Dinner

  • Can we still host this but utilize a local restaurant?
  • Held in November.
  • We will budget for it, but we should be flexible on timing.

100 Elliot Lakers Who Care

  • Minimal cost for refreshments during voting night.

Charity Bingo

  • A new fee structure is in place.
  • We remain only interested with “in person Bingo”.
  • The Bingo committee knows that we are still interested in participating.
  • Rick remains our contact.

Ham Sales

  • The program was not available to the Blind River club last year. That is why we did not participate.
Next meeting (June 22nd) will be changeover.
The following meeting (July 5th) we will formally induct Jane into the club.
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