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Land Acknowledgement.

Signing Authority

  • Motion from Kim to have Brenda included as a signing authority.
  • Seconded by Chris.
  • No one opposed.

Community BBQ for the community on September 6th, 2021

  • Have been approached by Darla Hennessy from City of Elliot Lake asking the club to host a community BBQ on September 6th of this year.
  • We do not have a budget for this.
  • Secondary issue of many club members will not be available that day.
  • Only 3 of our members would be available on this day. (Likely would require at least 6 persons).
  • Concern expressed that it may be a little late to order food for this event.
  • Perhaps we can offer volunteer support if someone else runs the BBQ?
  • Ontario government suggesting today that we may not be able to hold such gatherings anyways.
  • Jenna will get back to Darla and “close that loop”.

District Governor Visit

  • Will visit our club on August 23rd.
  • Chris and Dave have agreed to attend a round of golf with the DG and his wife.
  • Following golf, all club members are invited to a meal (at the clubhouse), with DG Steve Meadley when he will speak to the club.

District Conference

  • Scheduled for September 10th through 12th in Timmins.
  • The organizing committee is short of attendees. They are asking that each club donate $50.00 worth of liquor, liquor accessories, and/or cash donations to be used for fundraising/raffle purposes during the conference.
  • The committee is also asking that each club appoint a “Convention Commander” to promote the convention.

Golf Tournament

  • Only two more scheduled meetings between now and the golf tournament.
  • Currently 10 sponsors.
    • Need 4 signs to be made.
  • As of yesterday (Monday August 16):
    • Allowed to do a shotgun start.
    • Allowed to have 24 teams in a “shot-gun start” style.
    • 26 teams with a staggard start style.
  • Other tournaments are filling up quickly.
  • Club members are in favour of a shotgun start.
  • We need a lot of manpower for the day of the tournament.
  •  We still need sponsors.
    • Rotarians: Please complete your sponsor lists ASAP!
  • Posters:
    • So far only one title sponsor.
    • Forest Heard has volunteered to do the poster for us.
  • Fundraisers for the day.
    • E.g. Putting competition.
  • Gift bags for the competitors.
    • Water, chips, and granola bar.
  • Chris will get water.
  • Brenda will get granola bars.
  • Need some people for registration.
  • Team pictures.
    • Send digital pictures for free??
    • Perhaps offer printed pictures for free?
  • Cardboard cut-out with a hashtag?
  • Has Mrs. Briffett been invited??

Happy Dollars

Jenna: Sad. Dog passed away.
Brenda: Cupboards are going back into kitchen.
Gord: First full day of vacation.
Wayne: Tomatoes and biker chicks.
Next week, may hold a golf tournament meeting if required. Invitations will be sent out.
Next formal meeting will be held on August 31st.
adj.: 20:14
Rotarians: Kim Arnold, Chris Wade, Gord McNaughton, Shawn Heard, Wayne Arnold, Dave Snider, Jane Carlsson-Mann, John Tyler, Jenna Dickson.
Presiding: Brenda McNaughton.
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