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District Governor Lynne Chant

DG Lynne Chant spoke to the club on several topics.
  • Rotary during the pandemic.
  • How to attract and maintain new Rotary members.
  • The difference between equality and equity.
  • Rotary’s new Environmental area of focus.
  • Conventions.
  • Youth exchange
  • District website.

Great Lakes Watershed Clean-up

  • Due to the newest provincial COVID restrictions this event has been postponed.
  • Updates will be forthcoming.
  • Our next meeting (April 27th) will revert back to a Zoom meeting.

100 Elliot Lakers Who Care

  • Paul Eldon requested his funding be transferred to him.
    • This has been done.
  • “Gonna step-up the presses” on this event.

Bike Rack

  • Nothing new to report.

Survey for the Great Idea’s Committee

  • We won $250.00!
  • Need to figure out how we will use the funds. (Must be used for fundraising purposes).

ELRL Grant Proposal

  • Application(s) are due May 14th.
  • We will revisit this next meeting.

Happy Thoughts

John: 28% of Elliot Lakers vaccinated against COVID-19. 23% of all residents of Algoma vaccinated.
Peter: Gil father of Rotary President in Sudbury.
Dave: Got vaccinated last week. Rossland 100 who care update.
Faye: Thanks to Lynne for her talk.
Gil: Thanks to Lynne for her talk.
Jenna: Thanks to Faye for attending meeting.
Brenda: It was a great Rotary Weekend!
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Guests: Lynne Chant (District Governor), Peter Edmunds (Assistant Area Governor), Faye Steel, Jane Carlsson Mann.
Rotarians: Gord McNaughton, Brenda McNaughton, Kim Arnold, Chris Wade, Shawn Heard, Brian Bigelow, John Tyler, Wayne Arnold, Jenna Dickson, Douglas Elliot, Dave Snider.
Presiding: Gil Contant.
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