DG Steve Meadley gave program - About our District 7010 programs & priorities for the clubs in our district. 
We need a volunteer from our club to submit ideas & liaison with the Great Ideas committee.
Can’t go back to the way Pre-pandemic Rotary looked like - reassessment and appealing to new Rotarians. Building relationships - online is a BIG thing, do more rather than meeting more. 
Forming an ECO-club format. 
Attractive to tomorrow’s new members
Buddy/pen pal in the district or larger Rotary family - social interactions is one of my favourite things about being Rotary 
Wayne asked question - Feb 23 Virtual Zone Foundation gathering with Jennifer Jones.  Will be having a Foundation Dinner in North Bay
  1. Jenna - Bingo - this Friday 5pm volunteers: Chris, Jenna, Rick volunteered. This Bingo is Cancelled due to COVID precautions - closed until Feb 2022
  2. Fundraising efforts - electric bike - deferred due to cost, Barrel Through Ice has been bogged down as well and is likely not going to happen. 
  3. Strategic planning - Margret Walton & Peter Edmunds tentative date is Tuesday May 18/22
  4. Gord has work conflict April & May asking for someone to take over meeting minutes & posting to websites (Gil suggested Jane Mann with help from Wayne) 
  5. Golf Tournament prizes - leftover prizes ( Wayne will follow up with the golf team) Jenna will get Blair Bollard his hat. 
  6. Faye wants to extend our greetings to Locharber Rotary club to has Haggis in da House!!! Robbie Burns Supper canceled

Happy Dollars: 

Kim was Happy to have kids home for extended stay due to pandemic, Jenna was happy for baby snuggles with her new nephew, Chris was happy to celebrate his Wedding Anniversary, Douglas happy his mom moved back to Elliot Lake and to his home for Christmas. Rick had snowblower mishap which required 11 stitches to his head. Faye asked if we could all speak slower so she can follow along. 
Next meeting: zoom on Jan 18/22 7pm
Meeting Chair: Gil
Present: Wayne, Kimberly, Chris, Douglas, Jenna, Brian, John.
Guests: Faye Steel, Rick Hamilton, DG Steve Meadley
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Oct 12, 2021 7:00 PM
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